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Best Wooden Globes in the World

Wood has long been used for the internal supporting rods that prevent a traditional papier maché and plaster globes from collapsing, as well as the external frames in which globes are mounted. Some globemakers, however, use wood in an entirely different way: to make the surface of the globe itself.

Take a look at these different wooden globes available from globemakers around the world.

3-inch poplar honey pecan tierra handmade pyrographic globe from Pyro Globes

Pyro Globes

Jeremy W. Goldsmith makes these beautiful pyrographic wooden globes by hand in Colorado.

He offers amethyst geode and petrified wood bases to complete the extraordinary effect!

Prices: $350 – $850

  Pyro Globes

Hand-carved wooden globe from Paranneaux Globes

Paranneaux Globes

These hand-carved wooden globes from Paranneaux Globes are true works of art.

Prices: on request

  Paranneaux Globes

wooden globe made from hexagonal and pentagonal pieces with black oceans and coloured states and countries

Spirals by Steve

As well as some seriously impressive wooden shells, Steve makes unique wooden globes. His first globe was a 162-sided geodesic sphere constructed from hexagons (with a few pentagons thrown in), with states and countries each made from a separate piece of wood. Extraordinary!

Prices: each globe individually priced

  globes by Steve

HB Globes

Helgen Design hand crafts wooden globes from beautiful teak root, completing them with an extraordinary variety of materials, including volcanic sand, graphite hammered metal, inlaid iron, stainless steel bolts and magnetic balls!

Prices: on request

  HB Globes

icosahedral globe handmade from engraved birch plywood triangles

World Globe Office Supplies Wooden Icosahedron

This innovative wooden globe is handmade from birch plywood triangles. The icosohedral design originates from Buckminster Fuller, who patented a triangular map of the world in 1946 that could be folded into this 20-sided geometrical shape.

Price: $52.50

  at EnjoyTheWood

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