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Best Bar Globes in the World

The bar globe is a curious combination: a globe that comes apart at the equator, often with a hinge on a meridian ring, to reveal glasses and bottles of booze. Whoever invented this contraption must have been three sheets to the wind: a sphere is surely the least efficient shape for a drinks cabinet!

Here’s a curated collection of the best bar globes you can buy from around the world.

Achille antique-style bar globe from Zoffoli

Achille – Zoffoli

The Italian globemaker Zoffoli specializes in bar globes. Among their extensive collection is the Achille: the globe a reproduction of a 16th-century map; the stand solid chestnut. With a capacity of 6 - 8 bottles and 16 glasses, you won’t run thirsty as you contemplate the historical cartography.

Price: €698 (around $750)

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