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Best Inflatable Globes in the World

In a world where a globe can stretch to over $100,000, inflatable globes, which can stretch to 27 inches in diameter, won’t stretch your wallet.

If you’re looking for a globe that’s a lot of fun but won’t set you back a whole lot of moolah, check out these inflatable globes from around the world.

Giant Inflatable Globe – Tedco

When it comes to inflatable globes, Tedco Toys likes to go big. This 20-inch globe shows the countries of the world in bold colours.

The same globe is available in Canada from Mastermind Toys for $16.99 Canadian, and in the UK from John Lewis for £11.99.

Price: $14.50

  about the Giant Inflatable Globe from Tedco

Inflatable Topographical Globe – Ultimate Globes

If you prefer your world maps to be topographical, this dark blue inflatable globe is available in three sizes: 12-inch, 16-inch or an impressive 27-inch.

Prices: $14.99 – $32.99

  about the Inflatable Topographic Globe from Ultimate Globes

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