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Best Handmade Globes in the World

Handmade globes are making a comeback.

In the early centuries of globemaking, all globes were handmade, traditionally from a papier maché base layered with plaster then covered with paper gores. Some globemakers are reviving these traditional techniques to create timeless globes. Others are making globes by hand using entirely different materials, from porcelain to wood, in innovative ways.

Here are some of the best handmade globes you can buy today.

Dark Fire globe from Cosmic Globes, showing Africa and Asia with a black and burnt brown design

No 302 – The Dark Fire – Cosmic Globes

This 12-inch globe, with its striking black and burnt brown design, is handmade in Greece by Cosmic Globes. It is available with placenames in either Greek or English.

Price: €170 (around $200)

  about The Dark Fire from Cosmic Globes

Hand-carved wooden globe from Paranneaux Globes

Paranneaux Globes

These unique globes are hand-carved into wood by Paranneaux Globes in Colorado Springs.

Prices: on request

  Paranneaux Globes

Black art globe with gilded copper continents from Luke Calder showing North America and South America

Luke Calder

Luke’ artworks are spun aluminium and steel and hand-gilded with copper. The results are some of the most extraordinary globes you’ll ever see.

Prices: each globe individually priced

  globes by Luke Calder

porcelain pocket globe from The Little Globe Co on a metal pottery stand surrounded by paintbrushes and palette

The Little Globe Co

Artist and cartographer Loraine Rutt hand-crafts pocket globes from high-fired porcelain in London, England.

Prices: £275 – £595 (around $360 – $800)

  handmade globes from The Little Globe Co

Columbus Globes

The glass spheres from which Columbus Globes make many of their mid-sized globes are not so much handmade as mouth-blown.

When you browse their collection, be sure to choose from their glass desktop globes or glass floor globes, rather than their acrylic versions.

Prices: $679 – $7,449

  about Columbus Globes

Jade Fenster hand-painting a globe at Bellerby and Co globemakers

Bellerby & Co Globemakers

Bellerby & Co hand-paint their beautiful globes in a picturesque studio in London, England.

Prices: £1,199 – £79,000 (around $1,600 – $105,000)

  about Bellerby & Co Globemakers

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