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Best Folding Globes in the World

Buckminster Fuller’s solution to representing the world without distortion was an innovative one: he patented a map where the continents are represented whole, without division or serious distortion, on a series of connected triangles. Wonderfully, these triangles can be folded into an icosahedron to form a strangely satisfying non-spherical globe.

Take a look at our list of some of the best icosahedral folding globes available today.

icosahedral globe handmade from engraved birch plywood triangles

World Globe Office Supplies Wooden Icosahedron

This beautiful icosohedral globe is handmade from birch plywood triangles.

The engraving can be customized to show particular islands or countries or to add lettering or a logo.

Price: $52.50

  at EnjoyTheWood

icosahedral globe folded from magnetic triangles with the continents in white and the oceans in black

Dymaxion Folding Globe

The Dymaxion Folding Globe from the Buckminster Fuller Institute and Brendan Ravenhill arrives as a flat sheet of magnetic triangles, which you can then fold into an icosahedron.

Take a look at Areaware’s video to see how it works!

Price: $15

  at Areaware

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