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Best Illuminated Globes in the World

What’s the difference between a desk globe and a desk lamp? Not a whole lot, when it comes to illuminated globes.

Take a look through our list of selected illuminated globes, including some that change their design when the light inside is turned on or off.

Livingstone 12″ – Replogle Globes

This classic desk globe switches from topographic to political when illuminated.

Price: $111.25

  about the Livingstone 12″

Stem Reflection Globe – Waypoint Geographic

This unique 12-inch illuminated floor globe, mounted on a tilted metal post, has an understated design when switched off, with grey continents and white oceans.

Flick the switch to illuminate the globe, and the colour scheme is reversed, with the oceans are darker than the continents.

Price: $499.99

  about the Stem Reflection Globe

Columbus Kiel – Columbus Globes

This meticulously crafted, 16-inch diameter, illuminated globe is made from a glass sphere mouth-blown in Germany.

The DUO system pioneered by Columbus Globes allows two maps to be combined on one globe: when not illuminated, the globe shows a detailed political map; when illuminated, a physical map emerges.

Price: $679

  about the Columbus Kiel

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