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Best Magnetic Globes in the World

This is a guide to steel globes with magnetic pins. If you’re looking for levitating globes instead, see our levitating globe guide.

How many countries in the world have you been? How many cities? Where will your next trip take you? There’s nothing like looking forward to future travels or looking back on past ones. Placing magnetic pins on a metal globe is a fun way to plan or reminisce.

Here’s a curated collection of the best metal globes with magnetic pins you can buy from around the world.

MagneGlobe – Waypoint Geographic

I wish I’d had one of these 9-inch steel globes when I was a child! They come with with 32 coloured magnetic pins with which you can mark anything you choose: places you’ve been, places you’d like to go, countries with cool names, countries with cool shapes, anything! I imagine I’d have made up a spherical board game and roped my brothers into playing it with me.

Price: $59.99

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