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Best Relief Globes in the World

The Earth is big… so big that even the highest mountains are barely a ripple on the surface of the sphere. Regardless, raised relief globes show the mountains slightly exaggerated into subtle ripples, or highly exaggerated into jagged ranges, in dramatic contrast to the smooth plains and the even smoother oceans.

Here’s our guide to the best relief globes in the world, from the faintest of departures from the spherical to the most dramatically three-dimensional.

4.3-inch 3D-printed relief globe from sgeez


Yas Kawagoe of Minami-Alps, Japan, makes some of the most brightly coloured globes in the world.

The 3D-printed relief shows the mountains, highlands, lowlands and oceans in sharp contrast on miniature globes between 2.8 and 4.3 inches in diameter.

Prices: $40 – $55

  3D-printed globes from sgeez

Land and Sea porcelain pocket globe from The Little Globe Co

The Little Globe Co

For some of the most beautiful relief globes money can buy, take a look at these pocket globes from The Little Globe Co, hand-crafted in porcelain by Loraine Rutt.

The burnt ochre globe shown here uses Earth and mineral pigments to bring out the relief.

Prices: £275 – £595 (around $360 – $800)

  pocket globes from The Little Globe Co

Replogle Globes

Replogle Globes have a range of classic raised relief desktop globes. They may be merely rippled, but if it’s subtlety you’re after, this may be the way to go.

Prices: $39.95 – $455

  raised relief globes from Replogle Globes

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