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Best Art Globes in the World

Globes have always been objects of beauty as well as objects of utility. Today, a few artists in far-flung corners of the Earth are using the globe as inspiration for their art.

Here’s a curated collection of the best globe-inspired art available from around the world.

globe by Julia Forte showing Matthaus Merian's 1638 London vista

Julia Forte

As well as historical maps of London, Julia Forte makes 10 and 15 cm art globes showing London vistas from the 16th and 17th centuries.

This one shows Matthaus Merian’s 1638 “View of London looking over Southwark to the North”, including the Globe, Swan and Rose theatres.

Prices: £220 – £280 (around $275 – $375)

  globes by Julia Forte

5-inch poplar charcoal oceanic handmade pyrographic globe from Pyro Globes

Pyro Globes

These extraordinary pyrographic globes are handmade by Jeremy W. Goldsmith in Colorado.

The 5″ desk globes show the major rivers of the world meandering across the continents.

Prices: $350 – $850

  Pyro Globes

Black art globe with gilded copper continents from Luke Calder showing Australia and New Zealand

Luke Calder

Luke makes globes in spun aluminium and steel, gilded with copper. Some of his artworks are literal representations of the Earth’s land masses, while others are more abstract.

His globes are available from several galleries in New Zealand, or you can contact him directly to commission your own artwork.

Prices: each globe individually priced

  globes by Luke Calder

Hand-carved wooden art globe from Paranneaux Globes

Paranneaux Globes

Paranneaux Globes, based in Colorado Springs, carve one-of-a-kind wooden globes by hand.

The detail of the mountains, rivers, lakes and oceans is incredible!

Prices: on request

  Paranneaux Globes

HB Globes

HB Globes offer an extraordinary variety of globes, each a unique work of art. The curious, collapsed orbs are crafted from wood, metal and even grass!

Prices: on request

  HB Globes

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