Can you buy globes of the moon and the planets, the city and the stars?

When we think of globes, we think of the Earth. Some globemakers, however, have thought beyond our own planet, making globes of the moon, the planets and the stars. Others have focused on particular parts of the Earth’s surface, making globes of individual cities, islands and countries, or focusing on the oceans rather than the continents. Still others have looked back to prehistoric times, tracing coastlines as they appeared millions of years ago.

Here’s our guide to best lunar, planetary, celestial, city, island, oceanic and prehistoric globes you can buy from globemakers and globesellers around the world.

image of the moon

Lunar Globes

Lunar globes show the surface of the moon, with its ancient craters and seas.

  the best lunar globes in the world
image of the planet Jupiter

Planetary Globes

Earth is not the only planet to have captured globemakers’ attention. You can buy globes of every other planet in the solar system: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus.

  the best planetary globes in the world
image of the stars including the Milky Way

Celestial Globes

Celestial globes show the stars as seen from Earth, traditionally illustrated with the 48 classical Greek constellations.

  the best celestial globes in the world
black and white image of buildings in New York City

City Globes

We’re used to seeing maps of our cities on flat sheets of paper or screens. Some globemakers, however, have sought to wrap city maps around the surface of a sphere.

  the best city globes in the world
image of a tropical island with palm trees

Island Globes

Rather than stop at cities, some globemakers have wrapped maps of entire islands around the surface of a sphere.

  the best island globes in the world
image of an ocean wave

Oceanic Globes

Have you ever noticed that most globes focus on the land, leaving the oceans blank? Oceanic globes flip this around, concentrating on ocean currents and topography.

  the best oceanic globes in the world
image of a dinosaur skull

Prehistoric Globes

Globes tend to show the way the world is now. It’s easy to forget that the continents and oceans weren’t always the same shape or the same position as they are these days. Prehistoric globes show them as they were thousands or millions of years ago.

  the best prehistoric globes in the world

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