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Best Puzzle Globes in the World

Jigsaw puzzles are traditionally flat, but the world, we discovered a few hundred or thousand years ago, is not flat. How to make a jigsaw puzzle of the world? Make it three-dimensional!

Here’s our guide to some of the best three-dimensional puzzle globes from around the world.

mechanical plywood puzzle globe from Mr. Playwood

Globe – Mr. Playwood

Yes, this mechanical globe turns, through a series of gears!

Recommended for ages 14+, this globe can be assembled from 145 waxed wooden pieces, without any glue.

Price: varies

  at Mr. Playwood

The Globe – Eco-Wood-Art

A traditional 1 : 44 million scale self-assembly puzzle globe with the oceans and continents illustrated in either brown or blue.

There’s a hidden lockbox in the stand that can be opened through a series of rotating gears!

Price: varies

  at Eco-Wood-Art

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