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Best Spinning Globes in the World

Many globes are mounted on an axis through the North and South Poles to allow the Earth’s spinning on its axis to be emulated. Some globes, however, go one better, spinning without any impetus under solar power; others are so precisely mounted as to continue spinning long after they’ve been set in motion.

Here’s our guide the best spinning globes you can buy from around the world.

solar-powered spinning Earth globe from MOVA showing on NASA satellite imagery

Earth with Clouds MOVA Globe

When it comes to spinning globes, MOVA International’s magical creations, powered by ambient light and torque from the Earth’s magnetic field, can’t be beaten.

My advice is to skip the clunky cartography of MOVA’s political and topographic globes, and opt instead for the Earth with Clouds MOVA Globe, based on NASA satellite imagery.

Prices: $160 – $560

  about the Earth with Clouds MOVA Globe

Churchill globe from Bellerby & Co globemakers with an aluminium base

The Churchill – Bellerby & Co Globemakers

Unlike a globe that spins under solar power, The Churchill must be spun by hand. However, this huge globe is so beautifully mounted that its smooth spinning is a sight to behold.

Watch this video to see for yourself.

Prices: £71,800 – £79,000 (around $96,000 – $105,000)

  Bellerby & Co globes

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