What different sizes of globe can you buy?

Globes come in many different sizes, from miniature to massive. The smallest globe in the world? How about a ½-inch diameter blue glass Earth globe marble. The largest globe money can buy? You won’t find another globe as magnificent as the 50-inch diameter Churchill from Bellerby & Co.

Here’s our guide to the best globes of every size, from the very, very small to the very, very large, you can buy from globemakers and globesellers around the world.

Clear Frosted Glass Earth Globe Marble from West End Collectables

Miniature Globes < 3″ diameter

These tiny globes, as small as ½-inch diameter, have a wide range of uses, from Earth-conscious jewellery to games of planetary marbles.

  the best miniature globes in the world
Pocket globe by Charles Price, 1716, Science Museum, London

Pocket Globes ≈ 3″ diameter

First made in the 17th century, pocket globes are small, terrestrial or celestial globes, traditionally enclosed in round cases showing the stars and constellations.

  the best pocket globes in the world
Celestial globe with clockwork by Gerhard Emmoser, 1579, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Small Globes 3″ – 9″ diameter

When it comes to globes, small can be beautiful. Though a 12-inch diameter seems to be the standard for globes these days, these 3- to 9-inch globes include some cartographic masterpieces.

  the best small globes in the world
Felkl globe, 1902–1903, National Szechenyi Library

Desk Globes 9″ – 15″ diameter

When we think of a globe, more often than not, we think of a desk globe. No study is complete without one of these medium-sized globes, typically spinnable on an axis though the North and South Poles, on the desk.

  the best desk globes in the world
Floor globe by John Newton, cartography by William Palmer, 1782, State Library, New South Wales

Floor Globes 15″ – 30″ diameter

No library is complete without a floor globe, mounted on a stand: antique or modern, wood or metal, elobarate or minimal.

  the best floor globes in the world
Jade Fenster hand-painting a globe at Bellerby & Co globemakers

Huge Globes > 30″ diameter

When it comes to size, some globemakers don’t know when to stop. The largest globes readily available today stretch to diameters of over 4 feet.

  the biggest globes money can buy

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Image of Pocket globe by Charles Price, 1716, Science Museum, London (cropped) by Stefan Kühn reproduced under CC BY-SA 3.0

Image of Felkl globe, 1902–1903, National Széchényi Library (cropped) by National Széchényi Library reproduced under CC BY-SA 2.0

Image of Jade Fenster at Bellerby & Co globemakers (cropped) by Jade Fenster, Bellerby & Co reproduced under CC BY-SA 4.0