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Best Small Globes in the World

Smaller than the standard 12-inch diameter globe, the 3- to 9-inch diameter globes in this curated collection are no less beautiful.

If you’re looking for a compact globe, check out our guide to the best small globes you can buy from globemakers around the world.

Mini Physical Globe 4.7″ – Columbus Globes

This globe may only be small, but it’s the same quality you’d expect from any Columbus Globe: fine shadow-relief cartography, hand-applied map, steel meridian and base.

Price: $39.95

  about the Mini Physical Globe 4.7″

Facsimile of Magellan's small 1522 globe from Greaves and Thomas globemakers

Magellan’s 1522 Globe – Greaves & Thomas

This fine 7-inch globe is a facimile of a 16th-century series showing the route of Magellan’s historic circumnavigation of the world. None of the original globes survived, but one copy of the gores from which they were made did survive.

With its hand-turned wooden axis and base, this is a small globe quite unlike any other.

Prices: £150 – £200 (around $200 – $270)

  about the Magellan 1522 Globe

Albion mini desk globe from Bellerby & Co globemakers with an oak base

Mini Desk Globes – Bellerby & Co Globemakers

Of all Bellerby & Co globes, their Mini Desk Globes are the most affordable. Boasting the same craftsmanship as the larger globes in their collection, these 8½-inch masterpieces sit snuggly in stands made of walnut, oak, London plane, bubinga, aluminium, brass or copper.

Prices: £1,199 – £2,299 (around $1,600 – $3,200)

  Bellerby & Co globes

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