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Best Miniature Globes in the World

Just because the Earth is big, it doesn’t mean a globe can’t be small! 3-inch diameter pocket globes have been made since the 17th century, but since then, a whole new category of miniature globes has emerged, with 2-inch, 1-inch or even ½-inch diameters.

Here’s a curated collection of the best miniature globes you can buy from around the world.

mini globe by Julia Forte showing a 1746 John Rocque Soho map

Julia Forte

Julia Forte's mini globes are just 5 cm in diameter and depict historical maps of London or New York.

Her malachite cases add beautiful colour to these beautiful globes!

Price: £80 (around $100)

  pocket globes from Julia Forte

retouching and varnishing of a miniature globe from MC Planetariums

MC Planetariums

MC Planetariums handcraft exquisite orreries from brass and oak. These mechanical models depict the Earth and the Moon – as well as, in their prototype inner planets model, Mercury, Venus and Mars – in orbit around the sun. Turn the handle and a series of brass cogs cause the planets to rotate.

The miniature globes in these orreries are painstakingly handfinished in Cantabria, Spain.

Prices: each orrery individually priced

  MC Planetariums

Blue Glass Earth Globe Marbles from West End Collectables

West End Collectables

UK-based West End Collectables make a variety of globe marbles, including these ½-inch diameter blue Earth marbles.

Made from recycled glass, you can even order an entire solar system, each planet represented as a marble!

Prices: £9 – £40 (around $12 – $55)

  West End Collectables globe marbles

Slightly faded antique miniature globe from Murray Hudson

Murray Hudson

Murray Hudson, based in Tennessee, keep an impressive list of antique miniature globes, from hollow tin orbs designed for early 20th-century children to globes doubling as everything from inkwells to salt and pepper shakers.

Prices: $50 – $6,000

  Murray Hudson 1″ – 2″ globes

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