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Best Desk Globes in the World

If, when you think of a desk globe, your mind conjures up a 12-inch diameter plastic sphere printed in gaudy colours, think again!

This curated collection includes some of the most striking desk globes you can buy from around the world.

Monarch 12″ – Replogle Globes

This striking, slate grey globe is mounted in a wrought-iron yoke on a marble base.

Price: $166.75

  about the Monarch 12″

Facsimile of Didier Robert de Vaugondy's 1812 desk globe from Lander and May

Didier Robert de Vaugondy – Lander & May

This 10-inch diameter facsimile of an 1812 Vaugondy globe, complete with elaborate horizon and meridian rings, is a suprisingly affordable historical desk globe.

Price: £490 (around $650)

  about the Vincenzo Coronelli globe

Blackwater Globe from Greaves and Thomas globemakers

Blackwater Globe – Greaves & Thomas

A 12-inch diameter globe with a striking, dark design that sets it apart from other modern globes.

Available on a two different styles of black base, optionally with a brass or chrome meridian.

Prices: £145 – £325 (around $200 – $450)

  about the Blackwater Globe

Livingstone Desk Globe from Bellerby & Co globemakers

The Livingstone – Bellerby & Co Globemakers

The Livingstone is a classic desk globe, hand-painted by the artisans at UK-based Bellerby & Co, mounted on a hand-turned cherry, walnut, oak, London plane or ebonised hardwood base, with brass pieces made in the globemakers’ Derbyshire foundry. You won’t find a more beautiful traditional 14-inch desk globe.

Prices: £2,499 – £2,899 (around $3,300 – $3,900)

  Bellerby & Co globes

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