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Best Pocket Globes in the World

A pocket globe is a small, terrestrial globe with a spherical case, the inner surface of which is a celestial globe. First made in the 17th century, a pocket globe in its case represents the Earth surrounded by the stars. Today, the term pocket globe may refer to any small globe around 3 inches in diameter.

Here’s a curated collection of the best pocket globes you can buy from around the world.

Land and Sea porcelain pocket globe from The Little Globe Co

The Little Globe Co

Based in London, England, The Little Globe Co makes beautiful pocket terrestrial globes with celestial cases in the 17th-century tradition.

These extraordinary globes are hand-made from porcelain by artist and cartographer Loraine Rutt, with cases made of oak.

Prices: £275 – £595 (around $360 – $800)

  pocket globes from The Little Globe Co

Hand-carved wooden pocket globe from Paranneaux Globes

Paranneaux Globes

The attention to detail in these 2.7-inch diameter hand-carved wooden pocket globes and their cases is exquisite.

Paranneaux Globes is based in Colorado Springs.

Prices: on request

  pocket globes from Paranneaux Globes

pocket globe by Julia Forte showing a 1746 John Rocque City of London map

Julia Forte

Julia Forte makes unique globes showing New York and London maps and vistas, as well as traditional celestial globes.

Each of her pocket globes are 7 cm in diameter and may protected in a cast black jesmonite case.

Prices: £150 – £190 (around $200 – $250)

  pocket globes from Julia Forte

3-inch poplar honey pecan tierra handmade pyrographic globe from Pyro Globes

Pyro Globes

Sized at the traditional 3″ diameter for pocket globes, these pyrographic wooden globes are crafted by Jeremy W. Goldsmith in Colorado.

Each globe is one-of-a-kind: sanded, stained and waxed by hand.

Prices: $350 – $500

  Pyro Globes

1791 pocket globe by the globemakers J. and W. Cary, London, from Murray Hudson

Murray Hudson

Tennessee-based Murray Hudson also sell antique pocket globes.

Prices: $1,000 – $10,000

  Murray Hudson pocket globes

George Glazer Gallery

When it comes to antique pocket globes, George Glazer Gallery in New York City always has something to offer.

They also have some interesting information about pocket globes.

Prices: $1,000 – $10,000

  George Glazer Gallery pocket globes

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