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Best Floor Globes in the World

Some globes are so big that they take up some serious floor space.

Here’s a curated collection of the best 15- to 30-inch diameter floor globes money can buy, from traditional globes mounted in heavy, ornate, wooden frames, to modern globes suspended on sleek, aluminium stands.

Facsimile of Vincenzo Coronelli's 1689 floor globe from Lander and May

Vincenzo Coronelli – Lander & May

This impressive 24-inch floor globe is a facsimile of a 1689 design by the master globemaker Vincenzo Coronelli of Venice.

The limits of the geographical knowledge of the age are reflected in the patches of the globe where the west coast of North America and the east coast of Australia, among others, fade into oblivion.

Price: £3,700 (around $5,000)

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Aries floorstanding Gea globe from Zoffoli

Aries – Zoffoli

Zofolli’s 24-inch Aries floor globe is nothing if not bold. The contemporary ochre and burgundy cartography is offset by an ornate base, horizon ring and meridian rings.

Price: €489 (around $550)

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Aluminium Berlin Floor Globe from Bellerby & Co globemakers

The Aluminium Berlin – Bellerby & Co Globemakers

This limited edition piece from Bellerby & Co features a beautiful, hand-painted, 20-inch diameter Britannia globe mounted on a contemporary, aluminium base.

You could opt for the same base in walnut or oak, but it’s the aluminium that makes this globe truly extraordinary.

Price: £10,900 (around $15,000)

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